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Steady Rhythm was created by 20 year veteran DJ's John Reyes (Audio Mekanic) and Bryan Castellanos (DJ Data) and has become an undeniable staple in Austin's underground music scene.



Our mission is to share our sound and knowledge we've gained through our own personal experiences in techno. Separating ourselves from the commercial mainstream hype that flows through our hometown of Austin, Texas, we work hard to hold events that educate our friends, fans, and followers (old and new) to keep this special underground movement flowing in the right direction. Consistency is the key. 


Steady Rhythm is not just music, it's our passion. A unique sound, a unique feeling, a unique vibe that can only come together when combined with the energy of people's movements. Dancing, letting go of our emotions, releasing the stress of our normal day to day grind. A memorable moment in time that can't be explained, only experienced on the dance floor for yourself and keeps you coming back for more.

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